2014 Invitational Show Featured Artist Wayne Maslin

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  • Published September 4, 2014
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Wayne Maslin is this years featured artists in the Invitational Show!  www.waynemaslin.com

Wayne Maslin – MFA, BA

        Artist Statement:

The diverse nature of water defines the Pacific Northwest psyche. As a Seattle native I find that water in its many forms has shaped my life and imagery. Whether I am stomping mud puddles, climbing waterfalls, or bracing myself against a driving rain, water is always in motion around me. The rhythm of its movements resonates deeply into my being.

Water is the connecting elixir of all things in nature. It shapes life and form. When I walk the edge of ocean waves or follow a forest stream, I am attracted to objects in the flow. Singling one out, my eyes and fingers find the textures and shapes of a shell or the lines of a piece of driftwood. These things of the natural world become subconsciously imprinted, and become the blueprints for my creations.

As I approach a piece of stone, a dialogue begins. My sculpture is a collaboration between the native structure and figure of the stone and my evolving artistic intent and response. Stone carving is a slow and deliberate process, which allows for a gradual crystallization of the inner energies of both stone and sculptor.

I feel my work has a biomorphic quality and tend to imply a flowing movement as if they are resisting swift water or strong wind. Undulating edge contours provide visual pathways guiding the eye around and through the forms. Highly polished surfaces provide distorted reflections of the surrounding environment and lure the viewer to touch its visual wetness. The stone itself speaks to a density and weight that lend it a commanding presence and stature. It is my hope that my sculptures become Zen-like, a frozen moment in time.

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